How To Pinch A Lacrosse Head

Lacrosse players, specifically offensive players, will often pinch a lacrosse head to improve ball control and prevent losing the ball to checks. You can pinch a lacrosse head by squeezing the walls of the head and setting it using heat and cold. Learning how to pinch a lacrosse head is a simple way to enhance your sweet lax skills.


  • lacrosse head and mesh pocket
  • string
  • lacrosse ball
  • stove
  • freezer
  • pot
  1. Pinch the head of the stick around a ball: Squeeze the walls of the lacrosse head around a lacrosse ball to get a feel for how narrow you want the head to be. 
  2. Tie the head with string: After you pinch a lacrosse head to the desired width, tie the walls together with string. You can keep the ball in the head when you tie it off to keep the shape.
  3. Boil on stove: Bring a pot of water to boil. Place the head in the water. Leave the stick in the water for about two minutes. The heat will help pinch a lacrosse head.
  4. Place in freezer: To fully pinch a lacrosse head you must set the plastic. Place the head in the freezer overnight. This will set the plastic and keep the head pinched.
  5. Keep it legal: If a pinched stick is too narrow, it is illegal. Be sure to check the rulebook before you pinch a lacrosse head. If the ball will not fall out when the head is turned over or held upside down at 45 degrees, then the pinch is too narrow.



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