How To Pine Tar A Boat

Looking for how to pine tar a boat? No need to look further. If you know the proper way to pine tar a boat, you can keep a wooden boat in great shape for many years, centuries really. Pine tar is used to seal the wood on boats and works quite well in even broiling hot climates. When the heat really rises, the pine tar melts and seeps into any pinholes or cracks or other detrimental structures in the boat's wood.

To pine tar a boat, you will need:

  • 1 cup new pine tar. Older pine tar (a few years old) can be used but it will stain wood a darker color and is generally more difficult to work with as it will probably be of a thicker viscosity. If you have old pine tar, you will need pine turpentine and linseed oil to thin the pine tar and allow it to soak into the wood properly.
  • 3/4 quart Linseed oil
  • 3/4 quart Turpentine
  • A heat source. Pine tar must be applied while it's hot so it will spread evenly and easily. Any heat source, such as a hot plate, will work.
  • A double boiler – a larger pan filled with water used to heat the pine tar mixture.
  • Water
  • Paint Brushes
  • Rags
  1. Add the linseed oil, turpentine and pine tar to a 2 quart can. 
  2. Prepare to pine tar a boat by heating the pine tar mixture in a double boiler to a very light boil. A double boiler is created by placing a metal can with pine tar in a bigger pan, filled with water. If you heat the metal pine tar can directly, you stand a very real chance of splatter and a fire. Be very carful in this step as too hard of a boil with the pine tar will ignite the whole container, and you'll have a bad fire on your hands. Once you see light brown bubbles form on the top of the pine tar surface, you've got a few more minutes to heat before the pine tar is ready to go.
  3. Use a paint brush to brush a light coat of the pine tar mixture on all wooden surfaces of the boat. The pine tar mixture will soak into the wood and protect the wooden boat surfaces from the elements and make the boat smell great at the same time. Even in the warmest climates, a pine tarred wooden boat is a functional work of art; as the weather warms, the pine tar mixture will melt and reapply itself to the holes and cracks where it is needed.
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