How To Pitch A Baseball Faster

When you learn how to pitch a baseball faster, you increase your chances for success on the mound. Improving your velocity takes time, so do not be discouraged if the results are slow in coming. You must work on your throwing technique and overall fitness to pitch a baseball faster. If you have a pitching coach available, you can also consult with them for tips on improving your pitching speed.

  1. Stretch your arms and legs before you take the mound. If you want to pitch a baseball faster, loosening up before you pitch is important. Pitchers often throw 100 pitches or more during a game, so you must be limber.
  2. Increase your arm strength to pitch a baseball faster. Start a weightlifting program that helps to increase your upper body strength. For example, do some barbell and dumbbell curls for your biceps, and shoulder presses and triceps extensions to hit your triceps muscles. Workout at least three times each week, or more during the off season.
  3. Having strong legs helps you pitch a baseball faster. When you are on the pitcher’s mound, to throw a baseball you must push off of the rubber with your back leg. Having strong calves and thighs will give you greater push, which can help your pitching velocity. Do some barbell squats, leg extensions and a variety of calf raises to add strength to your legs.
  4. Improve your overall fitness. Being in shape will help you to pitch faster for more than just a few innings. Do a variety of distance and sprint work, to help you increase your stamina and endurance.
  5. Work on your throwing mechanics to pitch a baseball faster. If you have access to a pitching coach, have them watch your throwing form. The coach should be able to pick out areas where you need improvement, such as your posture and follow through.



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