How To Pitch Faster

Knowing how to pitch faster can improve your game and actually make you a better asset to any team or pick up game you are going to play.  With the proper training and attention to how you train, you can achieve the perfect pitch, or at the very least, pitch faster.  Working your upper and lower body is crucial to the development of your arm and your pitch.  This article will detail some of the steps that you can take to pitch faster. 

  1. Working your core can create a stronger arm and a more toned physique.  When you work your core you are forcing your arms to become engaged and work harder to adapt to their new regimen.  
  2. Not only is working your core important, but doing strength exercises in your legs will make your base strong.  If you think about it, you will lead with your legs when you pitch so why not make your legs strong enough to carry the momentum forward.  By practicing this it will improve your speed and make you just as fast as you desire your pitch to be. 
  3. Hitting up the gym's circuit training and weights can make for more defined arms.  Work on exercises that are heavy in arm rotation and arm extension. The more flexible your pitching arm is the faster your pitch will be. 
  4. When working on your pitch on the field during practice, try to maintain a smooth and steady flow.  The less jerk that your arm has the better a chance you have of actually pitching faster and better. 
  5. Your release can be the death of speed.  Without learning how to properly release your throw you will never be able to accomplish your goal of a better pitch. When your getting ready to pitch its best to be releasing the ball almost as soon as you throw the ball and your foot plants down.  This will make your pitch or break it. This step will help you pitch faster in no time. 

These are just some basic ideas on how to pitch faster. For more detailed and more hands on training, its best to seek out a professional trainer.  Good luck pitching! With a lot of hard work and a little luck, this article will help make your pitches faster and better than ever before.  



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