How To Pitch A Knuckleball Underhand Softball Pitch

When it comes to being a successful softball pitcher, it helps to know how to pitch a knuckleball underhand softball pitch. Why? Because the lack of spin on the softball causes it to dance on the way to the plate. The unpredictable movement of the pitch makes it almost impossible to hit. Here’s how to pitch a knuckleball underhand softball pitch next time you’re on the mound.

  1. Bend your knuckles. When it comes to learning how to pitch a knuckleball underhand softball pitch, it’s all about the grip on the softball. Bend your middle and ring finger so that the tips of those fingers are resting toward the palm of your hand.
  2. Rest the softball against those fingers. Using your non-throwing hand (or support from your softball glove), place the softball against your bent knuckles. Be sure that the knuckles are resting in between the laces on the top of the softball.
  3. Grip the softball. Using your thumb, index finger and pinky, grip the softball as tightly as possibly.  The softball should now be resting in the correct position in order to pitch a knuckleball underhand softball pitch.
  4. Toe the rubber on the mound. Getting in your starting pitching stance and get ready to pitch a knuckleball underhand softball pitch! 
  5. Step back off the rubber with the foot which is opposite your throwing hand. If your right-handed, this will be your left foot. If your left-handed, this will be your right foot.
  6. Make a windmill motion with your throwing arm. Your arm will raise in front of your body and make a complete circle behind your body until your hand is back to the side of your waist. (This the actual pitching motion.) Note that during this time while your arm comes behind you, your foot will step toward the plate.
  7. Release the softball. The important part of the release is to keep your wrist absolutely straight. Any movement to the side will cause a spin on the softball. The spin will negate that knuckleball movement and end up being a slower version of a fastball.
  8. Follow through and get in the defensive position stance. Complete your pitching motion as normal with a strong follow through and get ready to field the ball. You have now learned how to pitch a knuckleball underhand softball pitch!
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