How To Pitch A Knuckleball

You’re on the mound during a baseball game and you want to change it up a little keep the other team guessing, but you don’t know how to pitch a knuckle ball. Time you learn the floater technique. The knuckled ball is the slowest pitched baseball in the game. Professional baseball players pitch a fastball over 100mph but the knuckleball, or floater as it is also known travels around 60mph. The ball will sink as it crosses homebase, but it's so unpredictable how or where it will sink that even the pitcher hasn't a clue. It's a cool pitching trick and we're going to show you how it's done.

  1. Hold the baseball like a fast ball. Palm the ball in your hand with your index finger and middle finger extended flat on the surface of the baseball. Change the positioning of your fingers when you hide your hand in the glove.
  2. Pull back on index and middle finger. Now curl your index finger and middle finger, dig against the top and back of the ball. Fingers should look like two claws on top of the baseball. Keep the other three fingers in the same position as a fast ball.
  3. Palm the ball. It needs to rest in the palm of the hand and not the fingers. We know it’s awkward, but hey, it’s a knuckle ball, what did you expect.
  4. Flick the pitch. Instead of throwing the baseball like a fast ball, flick the ball out of your hand pressing your index and middle finger outward. This causes the floater effect. Also flick your other three fingers as they guide the ball forward. Momentum and gravity will pull the ball toward the home base without a spin.

Practice pitching a knuckle ball with a catcher before the game starts. Once you’ve learned this neat little trick, this sport will rise to a whole new level of fun and competitiveness. Remember gentle grip, push out and flick the pitch. Get ready, play ball!



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