How To Pitch A Screwball

Learning to pitch a screwball can be a very useful addition to your pitching repertoire. The idea behind the screwball is to have the opposite movement as the curveball. Since most pitchers do not employ the screwball as one of their main pitches, learning to throw one can be extremely beneficial as hitters are not used to seeing this pitch thrown.

  1. This pitch is thrown in similar fashion to the four seam fastball. Place your index and middle fingers across the seams at their widest point. Keep your fingers apart by approximately half an inch.
  2. The thumb should be placed just beyond the seam at the underside of the ball. The ring finger and pinky finger are not utilized for this pitch and are simply used for stability of the ball in your hand.
  3. As you throw the pitch, turn your arm inside. The ball should be released from the middle finger as you apply pressure with the index finger and thumb. This inside motion will cause the ball to break from left to right for a right handed pitcher.

The screwball is a very difficult pitch to throw and is not utilized by very many pitchers. Do not attempt to throw this pitch very often as it can cause serious injury to the arm. Be certain that your arm is mature enough to handle this pitch before attempting it. The arm tends to mature around the ages of 14 to 15 years old. Attempting this difficult pitch before the arm has matured can stunt its growth.



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