How To Pitch A Spinning Slow Pitch Softball

It is not difficult to learn how to pitch a spinning slow pitch softball.  A spinning slow pitch softball is a slow pitch that has added spin onto it.  While it takes some getting used to, with some practice you will be ready to use this in a game.

  1. Step towards the plate.  Normally you begin your slow pitch pitching motion by stepping with the foot that is away from your pitching hand.  This begins the pitching sequence.
  2. Wind your arm directly away from the plate.  This is more of a rocking motion, as you do not need to develop much power here.  Slow pitch softball, as evident from its name, is about accuracy and not power.
  3. Bring your arm forward until the release point.  You will need to stop your hand as it is parallel to the ground.  Make sure your arm is in line with where you want to throw it.  You may need to adjust it to the left or the right to make up for the spin that will take effect on the trajectory of the softball.
  4. Spin the softball at the point of release.  When you release the softball, you will quickly perform a spinning motion on the softball.  Basically you will turn your pitching hand from your palm up to your palm down.  Quickly do this to get maximum spin on the pitch.
  5. Practice the spinning slow pitch.  The spinning slow pitch requires some practice to be able to throw regularly.  The main adjustment is in where you are aiming, as the spin of the softball will carry it according to its rotation.
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