How To Pitch Your Movie To Hollywood

You have a killer story idea and now you need to know how to pitch your movie to Hollywood so that you can become the next Shane Black and make millions and millions of dollars for each script you write and live large. It’s a dream and we’re going to show you how to get there.

  1. First you need an original idea to intrigue the studio executives for them to want hear more about your full feature concept. For example you could pitch a storyline about aliens who visit the earth to collect plants but one alien accidentally gets left behind and is befriended by a little boy who helps the alien return to his home planet. You recognize the movie because it's all there in one concise sentence.
  2. To pitch a fabulous film idea to Hollywood you must learn how to write a logline for this is the very foundation of pitching movies to studios. A solid logline will encapsulate your entire screenplay within one to three sentences. The components of a logline are as follows: Who is the main character? What is his/her goal? Who/What stands in the way? Let's take a look at another logline: A New York police officer estranged from his wife visits her in California for the holidays. During the festivities held at the high rise where she works terrorists infiltrate the building and take everyone hostage. The lone cop escapes during the chaos and must outwit the terrorists one by one to survive and to save all of the hostages.
  3. Again you recognize the movie but this time the logline is lengthy written in three sentences. The main character is the police officer and his goal is to outwit the terrorists who are his obstacles. Whether your logline is concise or lengthy you must be able to tell the entire story succinctly and with clarity. Don't babble. Studio executives hate babbling.
  4. To pitch a movie idea well you must learn to write a logline. Who is the story about? What is their goal? Who or What obstacle stands in their way? When you've answered all three of these questions you are ready to construct a solid logline. Then you can pitch your movie to Hollywood and hope it's original and intriguing enough to get it made.
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