How To Place Hardways Bets In Craps

If you are in a spot where you have to get rid of a lot of money very quickly, then you really need to learn how to place hardways bets in craps. Casino’s lure you to the craps table with high excitement and good odds on the staple bets like the pass line bet and the odds bet, then stick these large payout bets on the table hoping that you won’t know how high the house edge is. For American casinos, hardways bets normally payout 9 to 1 for six and eight and 7 to 1 for four and ten, meaning they have a house advantage between 9 and 11 percent.

  1. Start by understanding what it takes to win a hard way bet. A hard way is when you roll a 4, 6, 8 or 10 by getting both dice to be the same number. For example, rolling two fives will make a hard 10, and rolling two fours will make a hard 8. A hard way bet is you wagering that the shooter will roll a certain hard number before they roll a seven or any other way to make that number. If you bet on a hard 4, and the shooter rolls a 3 and a 1, you lose the bet.
  2. Place your wager on the hard way that you want to bet on. The hard way bets will be on one end of the table next to the other long odds bets. Simply place your chips on the number that you want and wait. The bet will stand until you win, lose, or choose to remove it.
  3. Lose your money. I don’t want to harp on this issue, but with a house edge around 10 percent, it would take either a real short session or a real stretch of good luck to make any money on hard way bets. Use them sparingly to add some fun to the game, just don’t bet them consistently if you want your money to last.


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