How To Place A Pick 4 Bet

If you'd like to try your luck with an easy state lottery game, you may wish to learn how to place a Pick 4 bet.  The Pick 4 lottery game is offered in many states and quite easy to play, allowing players to select a four-digit number, between 0000 and 9999.  To place a Pick 4 bet, you'll need to find a participating lottery retailer, complete a wager slip and check the winning numbers after they are drawn.

  1. Find a participating lottery retailer.  Of the 50 United States, 42 operate state lottery games, including the Pick 4 game.   To find a retailer in your area, check convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores, or visit the official website of your state lottery to search for a Pick 4 retailer in your area.
  2. Ask the clerk for a Pick 4 wager slip and pencil.  More often than not, retailers will require the bet on paper, using the proper form to place a Pick 4 bet.  Very few retailers will accept verbal betting orders.
  3. Pick which drawing you'd like to play.  Choose if you'd like to play the daytime or evening game, or both, and darken the corresponding square.  
  4. Select how you'd like to play the game.  Options include a straight bet, the numbers in a specific order, or a box bet, the numbers in any order.  Darken the corresponding square to represent your choice.  Some states will offer additional options, as listed on the wager slip.
  5. Choose your four-digit number.  Using the numbered squares provided, darken one number in each column of one through nine to represent the four-digit number you'd like to play.  
  6. Decide on how much you'd like to bet.  While betting limits vary by state, generally the minimum bet is $0.50.  Write your desired bet in the corresponding area on the wager slip.
  7. Repeat the process to place additional bets.  If you wish to play more than one four-digit number, complete the additional sections on the wager slip with your desired four-digit number and bet amount.
  8. Place the Pick 4 bet with the lottery retailer.  Give your completed wager slip to the lottery retailer along with the cash for your bet.  The retailer will enter the bet into the computer and give you a printout showing your bet.  Keep this slip as it will be required to claim a prize.
  9. Check the numbers to see if you've won.  After the numbers are drawn, check your Pick 4 ticket against those drawn to see if any match.  If you match numbers and think you are eligible for a prize, return the ticket to the lottery retailer for verification.  The retailer can advise you on the proper place to receive your winnings, with many retailers paying out smaller amounts directly.
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