How To Plan A Bachelor Party

Understanding how to plan a bachelor party is the key to sending your buddy off on the right note. No matter whether you are hoping for a raucous good time full of debauchery and mayhem or a low key affair full of fun and laughs, there are certain rules and guidelines that need to be followed. Also it is important to keep in mind that the number one reason you are having a bachelor party is for your buddy. So keep him in mind at all times. If you do that, as well as follow a few simple tips, the bachelor party is sure to be one heck of a memorable evening. 

  1. Everyone should be involved in the decision making process, even the groom. You can keep the overall destination of the bachelor party a secret from the groom, but you should least get a list of places he would like to go, things he would like to do, and people he would like to invite. Also, do not leave the other attendees out of the loop. If you want to plan a bachelor party that everyone will enjoy, be sure to ask for everyone’s input. 
  2. Of course, even though the groom should have some input in the decision, he should not have much to do with the planning. In fact, he should not have anything to do with the actual planning of the event. These duties will fall upon his best man, or the person or persons who are planning the event. So, make sure you nail down all the details of the evening yourself, and leave the groom out of it. 
  3. Get a budget. Remember that you are planning an evening for people who come from different backgrounds and who have different financial stability. So keep this in mind when planning.  There is a possibility that not everyone will be able to pay for an expensive night out. If you do insist on going all out with the expenses, be prepared to pick up the tab for a guest or two.  A do not be upset if someone cheaps out. 
  4. The groom pays for nothing. This is a hard and fast rule that simply can not be broken. The groom should not have to open his wallet the entire evening, even for a hotel room. Let the other members of the bachelor party know this. Discuss this with them ahead of time, and decide how you will divvy up the financial responsibility.
  5. Plan out transportation. You will need to decide how you plan on getting places. So make sure you plan out your transportation ahead of time. If your bachelor party includes alcohol, make sure you get taxis, a limousine, or a party bus. The goal is to get every one out and then back home safely. 
  6. Have fun. Of course the normal one rule when you plan a bachelor party is to have fun. So kick back, do not worry too much, and have good time. Remember the more you laugh, the better it is. 
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