How To Plan A Christian Singles Dance

News flash: Christians love to dance, just like everyone else does, so if you’ve been thinking about your single status, why not learn how to plan a Christian singles dance to rectify the situation? But don't make it just any dance; this should be a singles dance with a mission. It’s an opportunity for each Christian with dancing eyes to get together with other like-minded relationship-seekers. Even if you enjoy your single status, why not throw a dance party for your Christian friends who are perhaps not as happy being by themselves? Here’s how to get the party started:

  1. Find a good location. If you are not too keen on having it in your church’s reception hall, search locally for a reasonably-priced building that can be rented for a few hours. Make sure your dance venue has enough floor space to hold at least 60 people. You may even consider holding it in your home if it is spacious enough for people to talk and mingle.
  2. Get the word out. If you want only your Christian single friends from church attending, post a note on your church’s bulletin board or put it in the weekly service announcements. However, if you want to include all the single Christians in your area, put up flyers and email and call as many singles as you can who you think would enjoy a Christian dance party. In your notice, be sure and put how much you will charge each person. Even if it is only five dollars, this will greatly help reduce food costs and facility rental fees.
  3. Monitor the ratio of people coming to your Christian singles dance. Watch out for friends who may have sent out mass emails or have invited others themselves. Have everyone RSVP. You do not want ten women for every man. Sure, the men may like it, but the ladies would just get annoyed and leave early. You want everyone to stay, be entertained and, hopefully, find a life partner.
  4. Plan your menu and decorations. It would be ideal if you had two good friends who could help you make finger foods, appetizers, deserts and beverages. Go with paper plates and plastic cutlery. Print up free party decals from the internet and buy inexpensive balloons and flowers. If you think you may not know everyone, plan on everyone getting a name tag at the door when they enter the Christian singles dance.
  5. You're on! It’s your party, so you can cry if you want to, but someone has to work the room. As their lovely host, you need to make sure that everyone meets each other, or else you’ll have a large room full of shy wallflowers. Initiate small talk to get the ball rolling. You may want to plan activities or games, but this can be scary for the more nervous people, and cheesy if not properly done.

You now have the tools to plan a Christian singles dance with aplomb!  Relax, mingle and go bring some punch to that person you’ve been eyeing for the past hour, before someone else gets there first!

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