How To Plan A Christmas Dinner Buffet

Learn about how to plan a Christmas dinner buffet to have a delicious meal where guests can serve themselves. Christmas is the perfect time to host an open house and serve a dinner buffet. Guests, whether it's all family or friends too, can come and go and the buffet is set up for everyone to serve themselves whenever they feel like eating.

To plan a Christmas dinner buffet, you will need:

  • Buffet menu
  • Drinks
  • Serving plattters and bowls
  • Plates, silverware, glassware
  • Christmas centerpiece and decorations
  1. Begin with the menu. Decide if your Christmas dinner buffet will be formal or more casual. Choose a variety of foods such as a meat dish or two, several side dishes that the guests can easily serve themselves, relish trays, a cheese and cracker tray and desserts. Consider the diet of your guests. Offer some vegetarian dishes if needed and label them clearly at the buffet.
  2. Place dishes and silverware at both ends of the buffet table. Let guests serve themselves from either end of the buffet by placing plates and flatware on both ends.
  3. Set up a bar. If possible, have a bartender on hand to mix and serve drinks to the guests. Make sure the bar is set up away from the food table so not all of your guests congregate in one location. When the buffet table and the bar are in separate rooms or at least across the room from each other, the guests will have two places to visit.
  4. Decorate the buffet table. To keep the main focus on the food, keep the Christmas decorations on the actual buffet table minimal. But be sure to add some greenery and red ribbons or a festive red tablecloth to the table to add some holiday fun. Place a holiday centerpiece on a coffee table or side table to keep the room festive without distracting from the dinner buffet.
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