How To Plan A Concert

Learning how to plan a concert is a serious process. A lot goes into planning any music festival or gathering, and no step should be overlooked by anyone setting up such an event. You will need a place for the concert, correct marketing, and a good bands which will attract a full crowd to cover all expenses. The following is some advice on how to plan a concert.


  1. Select the musician (or musicians) that you want to have. This will determine the expected size and the characteristics of the crows that is likely to attend.
    Once you have the musical acts in mind, begin setting up for the event.
  2. Book the artists for a night that people are likely to come out, far enough in the future that you can promote it well to alert the public of the concert. Pick the date and starting time. You will need to rent or book a location, as well. Local auditoriums, restaurants, clubs, or bars are great places for this. Line up musicians for a certain time at a certain place.
  3. Begin marketing your concert. Promote the event so that people likely to come will notice it. If you will be having punk bands, put out flyers at skate parks. For older crowds, think about advertising in local magazines or papers. State the entry price during any marketing campaigns.
  4. Continue marketing until the concert date. You will need to make money, so hire caterers, or bartenders, and consider charging covers. You need to make money, and not lose it, so the ticket money, and profit from covers or concessions must beat the price you had to pay to book the bands, rent space, and market the concert.
  5. Once the date comes, hold the concert. Be sure to have plenty of drinks, and see that it goes as smoothly as possible.

Learning how to plan a concert is not a piece of cake. Skip no steps to plan correctly, and try to make the event as enjoyable for those who attend as possible. You will also need to make sure that you make money, rather than lose money.

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