How To Plan A Fun Night Out

Enjoy some “me” time by learning how to plan a fun night out. Men in relationships find it difficult to plan a fun night out with just the guys. With some planning and a few tricks, you can do this easily.

  1. Gather the gang. A boys night out isn’t much fun without the boys!  Try to give your friends at least I weeks noticed so they can plan to be there.
  2. Have a plan. Knowing where you are going to meet up ahead of time will cut down on confusion. Remember you don’t have to stay at the meeting place and you don’t have to know where you’re going afterwards.
  3. Get the lady in your life onboard.  Most men do not go out because they fear it will cause problems in their relationship. Getting the woman on board with you going out will save you lots of headache. First be honest with her on where you are going and what you plan to do. Offer for her to have a girls night the night or weekend after. Another good idea is if you have children is to arrange for childcare for the children that way she can be free to go out that night or just stay home kid-free. This will keep the woman in your life from using the excuse that you are leaving her with the kids to tend to as her reason for vetoing guy time.
  4. Get the woman in your life to talk to your friends' women. If your woman is onboard with guy time she might be able to get other woman on board. You can also share with your friends how you got her to say yes.
  5. Keep it responsible. Okay so that might not be the word you want to describe your fun night out. If this is one of your first guy’s nights out in your current relationship then you need to keep this one mind. Think about it, how hard is it going to be to convince the woman you are seeing that guy nights are a good thing if something bad happens from you going out. To do this, use your head. If drinking will be involved (and it probably will be) make sure there will either be no driving afterwards or that there is a confidant designated driver. Another option, depending on your location, is for everyone to chip in on a cab ride to go out.
  6. Reward her after you go out. This can be as elaborate as arranging for a date night after you night of fun or telling her how much you appreciate being able to go out.
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