How To Plan A Golf Outing

Need to know how to plan a golf outing? Golf outings can be a great and fun way to get to know your coworkers and raise money for various causes. It's easy to plan a golf outing, even if you know little to nothing about golf. Check out the tips below to learn how to plan a golf outing.

  1. Determine the course. To plan a golf outing, pick a good course, a place golfers have heard of with a good reputation. Maybe it, like many golf courses, will offer a discount depending on how many golfers you are bringing. Call the course and make sure the course can accommodate your request and that there's no other tournament or event scheduled when you want to have your golf outing.
  2. Set a date. Make sure when you plan your golf outing that it doesn't fall near a holiday so more people can play. Try to have it on a Friday so a fun round of competition can kick off the weekend.
  3. Promote it. When planning your golf outing, post fliers about the outing around the office. Send out emails. Post the event on your company website.
  4. Find sponsors. A great way to make money for your company or cause is to solicit sponsors. When you plan a golf outing, maybe a local restaurant or bar might want to sponsor the eighteenth hole and encourage golfers to come by after the tournament. Sponsors spend hundreds to advertise their business, and that helps you afford good prizes.
  5. Select prizes. Maybe the prize could be a gift card to a local golf shop, or a free round of golf at the course where you chose to play, or cold hard cash. Good prizes will bring out the golfers.
  6. Find volunteers. Maybe there's a golfer in the office who will help you plan a golf outing, someone who knows how to run things. Have him be the person in charge. Find other people to be in charge of various things the day of the tournament, such as registration, the beverage cart and score posting.



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