How To Plan Healthy Food Meals

Want to find out how to plan healthy food meals? We all want to prepare nutritious foods, but often we're short on time or budget. It's not difficult to plan healthy food meals. Read on for a strategic plan that will make meal planning easy.

  1. Purchase Lean Meats. If you're planning a week's worth of meals, purchase enough lean meat for each meal. Examples of this are pork loin, lean ham, chicken, and lean beef. It's not necessary for each person to eat a large serving of meat, so just buy a pound or so of each per meal.
  2. Pick Frozen Vegetables. Vegetables spoil almost as quickly as fruits do. To make vegetables last, and to get them at their peak of freshness, purchase frozen vegetables in bags. This way, you can keep them frozen until you use them. Some vegetables to keep on hand are stir fry vegetables, broccoli, corn, peas, beans, cauliflower, and any other ones that you enjoy.
  3. Choose Whole Grain Carbohydrates. The healthiest carbohydrates are whole grain, so purchase whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat pastas, and popcorn for snacks. You can also buy whole grain crackers to snack on with low-fat cheese.
  4. Get Low Fat Dairy. Buy one percent milk or skim milk, low fat cottage cheese, low fat deli cheese, and yogurt. This will allow you to get your daily dairy servings without the unhealthy fat that can accompany them.
  5. Eat Plenty of Fruit. Apples, Pears, Grapes, Oranges, Watermelon, Bananas, and any other favorites you have are great options. Fruit is very healthy in its natural form and will keep you healthy with all the vitamins you need.

By buying this list of healthy foods, you can plan healthy food meals with no problem at all. Simply choose a meat, add a vegetable, some dairy, and a healthy carbohydrate for a healthy meal. For dessert, just cut up some fresh fruit and top with it with no-fat whipped topping.



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