How To Plan Mountain Climbing Expeditions

There are several strategies that you can use to figure out how to plan mountain climbing expeditions. These expeditions can be a nice way of trying something new and experimenting with other activities. However, you also need to plan these expeditions out to prevent things from going wrong. You can plan a mountain climbing expedition with a guide, group or just a partner. No matter who you plan it with you must make sure you have everything your will need. Here are a few strategies that you can use in planning your next mountain climbing expedition.

  1. Hire a guide. This may be one of the best strategies to use when planning a mountain climbing experience. Find a mountain climbing agency that is located in the area in which you want to climb and arrange to hire one of their guides. If you are a novice climber this may be the best way to go. Guides will provide you with an extensive list of things that you might need.
  2. Go with a group. Planning a mountain climbing expedition with a group can be extremely fun. The best way to do this is to start off with a list of things you will need. The list should be categorized in things that are most important to things that are the least important. Like a first aid kit would be somewhere on top of this list right below water. This way you can assign certain things to each person in your group, but each person must plan to have their own personal items. For example, one person would not carry one sleeping bag for the whole group, each person would carry their own. If you plan to go climbing with a group make sure that you have a few experienced climbers.
  3. Go with a partner. If you plan to go mountain climbing with your best friend then it is best that you both are experienced climbers. As you are planning this notify a third person or party that you will be leaving and give them the date in which they should expect your return. Since there will only be two of you this will make it easier for people to know if something has happened to you or not. Choose a location that fits your skills and that you are familiar with. If you are a seasoned climber than choose an area that fits that description. If you are new to this avoid climbing mountains that are above of your skill level. There is no harm in working your way up to that mountain.
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