How To Plan A New Year’s Eve Wedding On A Budget

If you are planning on getting married you may want to learn how to plan a New Year's Eve wedding on a budget. Planning a wedding on a budget can be difficult enough with out getting married on a holiday. However, getting married on a budget on New Year's Eve is a completely doable situation. A New Years Eve is a romantic wedding idea. Bringing in the New Year and starting a new life together.

To get married on New Year's Eve on a budget, you will need:

  • Decorations
  • Guests
  • Venue
  • Food
  • A willing partner
  1. The Venue. Choosing where you want to get married on New Year's Eve is the first step in making your wedding on a budget happen. Although it might be a bit chilly an outdoor venue would be your most budget friendly choice. Another idea would be to have the wedding at someone's home, perhaps a family member or friend. Or you could even go for an old fashion wedding and get married in a barn with a totally country theme.
  2.  Decorations. Decorations for a New Years Eve wedding can be recycled party decorations or can be recycled into party decorations. A New Years Eve wedding has many decorating opportunities that are available to anyone on a budget since party decorations can be found cheaper that normal wedding decorations. Your New Years Eve wedding decorations can include the plastic champagne glasses that are readily available, streamers, glitter, or just about anything. Common New Years Eve decorations are available in white, silver, gold, and black so that can fit any wedding color scheme.
  3. Food. Since you are planning a New Years Eve on a budget you could go with simple party food for your wedding instead of more expensive food. Or if you plan with the holiday you may be able to find great deals on foods that are sale for the holiday season such as ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, and more. The best wedding food is always that which is made by family and friends and it is much more cost effective as well.
  4. The gowns. Wedding gowns are generally one of the most expensive parts of a wedding. Since you are getting married on New Years Eve you could choose gowns that are a little less expensive and more like party dresses so that they could be worn again.
  5.  Pictures. Instead on spending money on an expensive photographer try buying disposable cameras and setting them on each table for some good candid shots. Ask a good friend of relative to take portraits of the wedding party during the wedding and of the reception for more professional shots. You will get the most pleasure looking at all the candid shots from family and friends than the posed portraits from a photographer.
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