How To Plan A New Year’s Eve Wedding Reception

If you are trying to decide how to plan a New Year’s Eve wedding reception, it is important that you leave yourself plenty of time. There are many things to consider during the planning process. Having the reception on New Year’s Eve also presents a challenge. If you start to have trouble when you plan a New Year’s Eve wedding reception, you may want to hire a professional wedding planner to help.

Things You May Need:

  • Reception venue
  • Guest list
  • Invitations
  • Guest book
  • Caterer
  • Wedding cake
  • Flowers
  • Music source
  • Transportation source
  1. One of the first things you have to do is decide on the venue. Choose the venue carefully when you plan a New Year’s Eve wedding reception. Find out what services come with the venue, such as catering or transportation. Anything that the venue does not provide you will need to arrange on your own.
  2. Send out the wedding invitations well in advance. Include the directions to the wedding reception in the envelope that contains the invitations. Follow up with the people who do not RSVP, so you can make a guest list that includes everyone attending the reception. Get a head count so it will be easier to seat everyone at the reception. You also need this information so the caterer will know how much food to prepare. Make sure you also buy a guest book for everyone to sign.
  3. Arrange the catering when you plan a New Year’s Eve wedding reception. If the venue does not have a catering service, contact one and give them the number of people that will attend the reception. Decide on the menu, and the time that dinner will be served. You may also want to have some appetizers for the guests to snack on before it is time for the main meal. Find out if the caterer has wedding cakes, or choose the cake from a different source.
  4. Contact a florist. Choose the flower arrangements for the tables when you plan a New Year’s Eve wedding reception. The florist will need to know the size of each table so they can recommend the appropriate floral settings.
  5. Decide on a music source when you plan a New Year’s Eve wedding reception. Use a deejay if you can afford the cost. They can also act as the emcee and make announcements during the wedding reception. Give the deejay a playlist that includes music the bride and groom chose. Also, give them a schedule of when the events at the reception are to occur, such as dinner and the cake cutting.
  6. Find out if the venue offers any transportation. The bride and groom may have arranged a limo for themselves; however, since the reception is on New Year’s Eve, you may want to have taxis standing by to transport any guests who consume alcohol. Some venues have cars available, so choose the transportation source that is the best price.
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