How To Plan A Nude Kayak Vacation

Discovering how to plan a nude kayak vacation combines the adventurer’s love for kayaking with the liberating freedom of nudism. Of course, there are a few legalities to observe, especially if the favorite white waters do not allow for planned nudity and no “clothing optional” beach is in sight.

That being said, getting started with learning how to plan a nude kayak vacation requires just a few items:

  • General-purpose kayak
  • Safety gear
  • Watertight bag
  • Maps of target locations

Once these items show a big check mark on the list, it is time to get to work and find out how to plan a nude kayak vacation.

  1. Map out a target beach. Adventurers may have to opt for a nudist resort to prevent any embarrassing run-ins with law enforcement. For example, did you know that all Los Angeles County beaches forbid nudity? Even though copious kayakers flock to the L.A. sands in search of that perfect white water, none of them dares to shed the skivvies. On the flip side, there are a number of beaches that cater to the naturist: namely Gunnison Beach in Sandy Hook (NJ), Little Beach in Maui (HI) and also Haulover Beach in Miami (FL).
  2. Contact the nudist resorts that feature easy beach access. Find out which amenities and meals are included. Since plenty of resorts offer three meals, midday snacks, transportation to nearby beaches and the airport as well as other extras, finding out how to plan a nude kayak vacation can actually point the traveler in the direction of quite a few money-saving opportunities.
  3. Check on beach and water conditions at target locales. County officials offer beach reports that reveal adverse water testing results (for the traveler who remains within the United States). Contact an embassy for this information when traveling abroad.
  4. Sketch kayaking routes. Become familiar with the presence of rocks, shallow waters, and also white water classifications. Know also the kind of fauna that might be found in the waters.
  5. Pack a travel set. It may seem counterproductive when trying to learn how to plan a nude kayak vacation to discuss a travel pack that includes clothing. Even so, it is always possible to run aground in an area where nude bathing is forbidden. In these locales it is mandatory to have a pair of shorts ready to cover up. In addition, remember that it may become necessary to put on a wetsuit if weather conditions suddenly change. Having a bathing suit ready makes this a much more pleasurable experience.

Although it is entirely possible to enjoy kayaking in the buff, remember that safety must still be a number one concern. Sure, discovering how to plan a nude kayak vacation might make it possible to enjoy some clothing-optional fun time in the boat, but if the white water picks up, do not hesitate to put on the helmet, life jacket and other safety gear.

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