How To Plan An Outdoor Dining Menu

How to plan an outdoor dining menu? With these quick tips you’ll be well on your way to a successful picnic or outdoor lunch. Just don’t forget to bring the silverware.

  1. Finger Food Isn’t Just For Kids. When planning an outdoor dining menu, keep in mind that people won’t be able to wash their hands. Make things convenient by serving appetizers, tacos, garlic bread, bruchetta, or other food that can be easily passed around and handled without utensils.
  2. Consider The Barbeque. If you are serving a meal outside, at least some of your guests are likely to expect barbequed food. Barbequing is a great option for outdoor dining, not only because it allows you to serve hot food, but also because since it is only possible to barbeque during the warmer months, people never get sick of the flavor.
  3. Serve Cold Side Dishes. You won’t be able to keep hot dishes hot, and no one wants to eat lukewarm food. Avoid the problem altogether by serving dishes that are meant to be eaten cold.
  4. Dry Dishes Are Better than Wet. Save the soup for a later date—you don’t want it spilling over in the car, or from wind on the patio. Outdoor dining menus should stick to easily transported, easily served, dry dishes.
  5. Include Punch And Sangria. Both drinks can be served at room temperature, and both lend a festive air to outdoor dining. Fruit punch and Sangria are both great choices for outdoor dining, and if you serve both, there will be a beverage for everyone. 


Outdoor Dining

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