How To Plan A Picnic Date

If you know how to plan a picnic date, you're good to go in the romance department. Fresh air, butterflies and scrumptious food provide the perfect backdrop for love.

  1. Organize all the picnic items. While planning for your picnic date, don't forget some of the details. Include a red-checkered tablecloth, cheese slicer, cooler and corkscrew. Put everything into a wicker picnic basket, and your date will be even more impressed.
  2. Protect your date from picnic pests. Bring insect repellant and a waterproof liner for your tablecloth. These extra details will make your picnic date much more pleasant.
  3. Provide interesting foods. She'll think you're a champion picnic date planner if you bring fresh fruit, cheese, wine and unusual desserts. A platter of fresh vegetables with choices of dip will garner you some points in the romance department. Bring along some grapes or berries so you can feed each other. Add a little chocolate to dip them in for extra love notes on your picnic date.
  4. Scout the setting beforehand. Look for the perfect location with a romantic view. Your advance picnic date plans can make the difference between a so-so time and some cozy cuddling. Avoid high traffic areas where car sounds and noisy children can disrupt the dreamy experience. If you live in the city, or there isn't a romantic spot nearby, head on up to the rooftop or string some twinkle lights in your backyard. If rain threatens to dampen your romantic picnic, don't worry. Spread your tablecloth in front of the living room fireplace.
  5. Don't forget the drinks. Find out if the location of your romantic picnic allows alcohol. If so, include a bottle of her favorite wine. Other beverages you may include are sparkling water or ginger ale to toast the perfect picnic date.
  6. Include extra touches while planning your picnic date. Bring a bouquet of flowers and a vase to put it in. Provide romantic music and some candles. Oh, and don't forget some matches or a lighter.

She'll love the thought you put into planning a picnic date. Relax, have fun and let the romance take over.

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