How To Plan Retirement Party

How To Plan A Retirement Party? When considering how to plan a retirement party, you must take many things under consideration.

  • Will the party be for fellow workers only or will the family of the retiree be invited?
  • Will it be an open party with many guests or will it be a rather private small gathering?
  • Should you rent a hall, reserve a few tables at a restaurant, or hold the party at the retiree's  home or office?
  • Do you want it to be a surprise party or would the retiree be more comfortable knowing about it beforehand?
  • Will liquor be served?
  1. When asking around about how to plan a retirement party, try to talk to someone who has been involved in planning or organizing  a retirement party before. Perhaps someone from the job or family has been involved in planning a retirement party in the past and can help you organize things.
  2. When considering how to plan a retirement party, keep the retiree in mind. Don't go over the top with your planning if the retiree is a shy or reserved individual.  Strippers or loud music would probably not be appropriate for the more conservative individual.
  3. How to plan a retirement party really does depend on the individual the party is to be given for. Without having a firm understanding of the likes and dislikes of the retiree, you really can't plan activities or line up speakers. If the retiree is outgoing and the life of the party, then you can bring on the dancing girls, music, and liquor. Talking to close friends and relatives will inform you about what the retiree would feel comfortable with.
  4. While discussing with close associates and friends exactly how to plan a retirement party, be sure to get names of special individuals that the retiree would enjoy having at his party. That person the retiree hasn't seen for months or years can only add more joy to this special occasion.
  5. When trying to wrap you head around how to plan a retirement party, you have to consider what time of year the party will be held. If it is during the spring, summer, or fall, you can have an outdoor party, with tents or tarps available incase of rain. During the winter months, you really have to decide what indoor location would best suit the size and nature of the group that will attend.
  6. If liquor is to be part of the party, you must take that into consideration when you are trying to decide how to plan a retirement party. Will the guests be responsible drinkers, or do you need to have designated drivers on hand? Perhaps you can hold the party at a location that allows guests to bring their own liquor.  You want to make sure everyone is protected from any illegalities and possible accidents.
  7. When you are trying to decide how to plan a retirement party, you must consider what time of day would be best for the party. Older people will probably want to be home early, so a late night party would be out of the question. If there will be a mixture of older and younger people, you can plan the party so it starts in late afternoon or  early evening. That way the younger guests can stay on longer.
  8. If you are planning on having a band for a retirement party, try to hire a jazz band or one that can play something a bit in the middle of the road. It is nice to have a band that can accommodate the younger crowd after the seniors have departed.
  9. When you are attempting to figure out how to plan a retirement party, find out if the retiree needs or wants particular things so that guests can decide on what to get for a gift.  If the retiree doesn't have particular hobbies or interests, than gift certificates or even money are appropriate as gifts. A cruise, an airline ticket to a favorite destination, or even accommodations for a weekend getaway are just some of the things that a group can present as a gift. 


Retirement party planning

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