How To Plan A Vacation To Florida On A Budget

In today's economy there are many people that are interested in learning how to plan a vacation to Florida on a budget. Everyone is in search of rest and relaxation but most of us would prefer if we could stay closer to home. It is cheaper to do that instead of flying off to Fiji or Antigua. Florida is a great resort destination with plenty to do for everyone, regardless if you are traveling alone, with someone you love or with your entire family. The trick is to do it in an inexpensive way making it important to learn how to plan a vacation to Florida on a budget.

  1. Budget your money. The first step in learning how to plan a Florida vacation on a budget is to decide on how much you can afford to save. Your budget will be the decision maker when it comes to where you are staying, the length of your trip, and what kind of activities you can take part in. Don't put strict time constraints on how long you have to save for the trip because it may make the whole experience more stressful than it needs to be.
  2. Where and when. Decide on where you are going to visit in Florida next. Do you want to lounge on a beach or ride roller coasters? Are you interested in spaceships or alligators? Florida has so much to offer and all of it can be done inexpensively. Where do you plan on staying? Instead of migrating straight to the hotels, look into people that rent out their property. This is a great way for families to travel because it is less expensive and gives everyone some personal space. Also, the time of year that you travel makes a difference when it comes to price. Stay away from peak travel seasons like Christmas, Easter and summer vacations as this when Florida becomes overrun with families.
  3. Transportation. One of the best tips for learning how to plan a vacation to Florida on a budget is to plan your transportation wisely. If you aren't coming from far away and can drive your own car, this may be best financially, especially if you will need a car while in Florida. Airfare and car rental can get pricey. But remember there are plenty of places to visit in Florida, like Miami and Disney World, where transportation is provided. If you are going to fly, join some air fare clubs and check out discount websites for the best deal, when learning how to plan a vacation to Florida on a budget.
  4. What to do. Just because you don't have a boatload of money to spend doesn't mean you can't have a boatload of fun. The key to doing this is to look for discounts. Discounts can be found online in the form of coupons. It can also be found when you are actually in Florida where there are discount shops all over. They offer cheaper tickets to great attractions. Another tip would be to keep an eye out for resorts and complexes that offer timeshare tours. Usually if you take the tour, you will be offered a free ticket to a local attraction as well as a free lunch.
  5. Cheap eats. If you truly want to learn how to plan a vacation to Florida on a budget, you will heed this advice and stay away from dining in restaurants for every meal. This is expensive, frivolous and not budget friendly. No matter where you stay, a refrigerator is most likely readily available. Go to a local supermarket and buy milk, yogurt, cereal, peanut butter, jelly, bread and some fruit. With just a few ingredients, you have what it takes to feed your family breakfast and lunch for a few days. And you will save money while you do it.
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