How To Plan A Wedding On The Beach

When figuring out how to plan a wedding on the beach, you need to consider things that may not have to be considered when planning a wedding at a different location.

To plan a wedding at the beach, you will need:

  • Information about beach locations
  • Luggage
  • Wedding supplies as desired
  1. Decide where your beach wedding will happen. Are you planning a wedding close to home, or will you be travelling far for your wedding on the beach require you to travel? When selecting a venue ask questions about the need for a permit, the number of guests that can be accommodated, the policies of pitching tents or having bonfires, if smoking or alcohol are allowed, and the tide schedule.
  2. If your wedding on the beach requires travelling, you will also have to plan how you will transport your wedding gear. Purchase small, light items that will make transporting them easier. Set up a travel plan well in advance and consider how you will pack the items, who will be responsible for transporting them (if you are travelling with a wedding party), and if they will meet airport requirements.
  3. Brides should schedule their hair and make-up appointments in advance. This eliminates the stress of finding a stylist last-minute,and also allows time for the bride and stylist to select a look that will work for the climate of your wedding on the beach location. Be sure to wear sun screen on your wedding day to avoid becoming burned.
  4. On the day of your wedding you will want to begin setting up early to avoid being rushed later on. Keep lots of water handy to drink throughout the day to keep from becoming dehydrated.



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