How To Play The Banjo Online

Learning how to play the banjo online is easier today than it's ever been. The Internet offers the world of instruction for those wishing to learn all aspects of his playing. He available online lessons include banjo-playing theory, techniques, and reading music. With a little persistence and practice, you can teach yourself to play banjo using online resources in no time. 

  1. Select a website that has a variety of lessons available. A well-designed banjos site should include instruction on banjo-playing techniques, basic banjo-related music theory, and a selection of exercises and banjo songs to play. A website that also has a forum can be helpful. This allows you to communicate with other banjo players. These forum members are usually willing to offer a advice if you ask.
  2. Start with the basics. Learn the strings on your banjo, the names of the parts on your banjo, and how to tune and hold your banjo.
  3. Learn a few basic banjo chords. The chords C, G, D and F are excellent beginning banjo chords and should be in every banjo player's repertoire. A banjo instructional website aimed at helping beginners learn how to play banjo should include a comprehensive banjo chord dictionary.
  4. Practice finger-picking techniques. You will need a thumb pick and at least a finger pick for your three of your four fingers. Some banjo players use a pick on every finger. Picking chord patterns and working on forward rolls ( a flourish of your fingers over chord arpeggios) is the meat and potatoes of banjo playing. Any website that teaches banjo seriously will have plenty of scale and chord exercises to reinforce the lessons of this technique.
  5. Learn to read banjo tablature. Although many banjo players play by ear and don't know how to read any music whatsoever, there is a system of music for banjo players called tablature, or TAB. This system of reading music makes sense because it uses a simple graph that represents the strains of the banjo and uses numbers to indicate the frets you should play. Learning to read banjo tablature not only allows you to communicate your musical ideas to other musicians, it can help you understand the musical ideas presented by other musicians.
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