How To Play Beer Darts

Ever wondered how to play beer darts? This fun, drinking game is a blast to play and is best played with two to six players. Each player throws his three darts at the dart board and must drink if the correct number is not hit.

To play beers darts, you will need:

  • dart board
  • darts
  • beer

To play beer darts, follow these directions:

  1. Each player throws a dart at the dart board to determine his or her number for the game. The number each player lands on is the number they try to hit each time it is their turn. If during this initial step, a number is landed on that someone else has already claimed, that person must throw again.
  2. Record player numbers. Each player should be listed on a chalk board or scoreboard along with their corresponding number. Each player also begins the game with ten tally marks. Once this is done, you're ready to learn how to play beer darts.
  3. To begin the game, each player throws his or her three darts at the dart board. If the player hits his own number, the player takes one drink and subtracts one tally mark from their score. If a double is hit, the player must take two drinks and erase two tally marks. If a triple is hit, the player takes three drinks and subtracts three tally marks.
  4. Running out of tally marks. If a player runs out of tally marks, they are out of the game. When their tally marks are gone, they are out of the beer darts game.
  5. If a player hits another player's number, the other player must drink. They also must add a tally mark to their score. Consequently if a player hits a double on another player's number, the other player takes two drinks and adds two tally marks. If a triple is hit, they take three drinks and add three tally marks.
  6. If a player misses the dart board, he or she must take a drink. If they miss two times, they take two drinks and so on.
  7. Bull's eye. A bull's eye is a huge deal when playing beer darts. If a player hits a bull's eye, that player chooses a different player to drink a whole beer.  
  8. The game is over when only one player has tally marks left. This player wins the game, and must take as many drinks as they have tally marks left. This player is the winner of beer darts.
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