How to Play Beer Pong

There are many variations of How to Play Beer Pong. Depending on where you are in the country, or even within a state or city, people make up different rules for how to play beer pong. So which way is right?  Here are the basic instructions and rules on how to play beer pong.

  1. Beer Pong can be played with two or more people.  It can either be played as singles (one against one,) or it can be a team game where you play doubles (two against two.)
  2. You will need 22 total 16 oz. cups and at least two ping pong balls. Place ten cups at each end of rectangular shaped table, the cups will need to be in a triangular/pyramid shape. One cup in front, then two behind it, and then three, etc. Put two cups filled with warm water off to the side one on each end so that you may clean the ping pong balls off if they happen to bounce on the floor.
  3. Fill each cup with beer. Depending on where you are and who you are playing with depends on how much beer you want to play with. If you are not real experienced with playing the game, fill each cup to the bottom line in the cup. If you fill each cup to that line each team will drink about two total beers in each game. If you plan on getting wasted quickly, fill each cup with beer to the top line.
  4. Decide who will shoot first. When playing subsequent rounds, after the first game is over, then the team that won the previous game will shoot first.
  5. The objective when shooting is to stand at your end of the table and aim your ping pong ball towards the other team's cups at the opposite end of the table. Each team gets two shots (one shot per person) per round. If you make the ball into your opposing team's cup, a person on that end of the table must drink the beer in the cup that the ball went into. 
  6. For every ball that makes it into a cup, you should alternate drinkers and switch who drinks the beer. For example, if you drink the first time a ball makes it in, your partner drinks the next time. Same with turns for shooting. Alternate players.
  7. Only "Lobs" are allowed (meaning the ball has to make an arc, like in table tennis). No bouncing.
  8. Each team continues to shoot if both balls are made.
  9. If the ball is spinning around the rim of the cup, only females are allowed to blow the ball in.
  10. The first team to shoot and make their balls into all ten cups, wins.
  11. The remaining cups on the table that are full, the losing team must drink.

After each game you can change partners and sides. A friendly wager can be used and other rules can be substituted in. Have fun, and drink responsibly.

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