How To Play Beer Tennis

When beer pong gets boring, learn how to play beer tennis. Beer tennis is fun for everyone over the legal drinking age. Beer tennis brings back excitement to table top beer drinking games. Keep reading if you feel beer tennis may be the greatest combination of sports, beer and games ever invented or if you just liked beer pong but want more excitement.

To play beer tennis, you will need the following:

  • Plastic cups
  • Beer tennis table, beer pong table or any table you feel is the right size
  • Beer
  • At least two people
  1. Set up the game by making a "net" with as many cups it takes to get from one side to the other across the middle of the table. Fill these cups about 3/4 full of beer. Make five rows of cups on each side all the way across the width of the table. You will want to fill these cups with about one to two inches of beer. The game is played in relay style.
  2. Play beer tennis with these rules. Each person has a person from the other team to compete against. If you make your shot, your opponent drinks. To win the game your team will want to make the most cups and get the other team to drink everything left on their side of the table. To make a cup, you must bounce the ball off the other team's side at least once. You can make a shot with more bounces, but after the second bounce the opposing team may knock the ball away and out of play. Once a team loses all the cups on own side, they must start chugging the beer from the center of the table.
  3. Start beer tennis after equal teams are chosen. Use methods such as a coin toss or shoot off to determine teams by team captains and which team shoots first.
  4. Keep the game going. If a player on the losing team can make one cup before all the center cups are finished in beer tennis, the game goes on. A single cup will be placed on the loser's side and the winning team can resume the winning and drinking by making this cup. Beer tennis will go on until all the center cups are empty or everyone is drunk. The losing team has to drink the remaining cups on the winner's side if they can or the beer can be conserved for the less drunk in the next game.
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