How To Play Bumper Pool

Learning how to play bumper pool can seem a bit unusual, as it definitely is not as common as games such as eight-ball and nine-ball. However, it is a an enjoyable pool game that takes up a lot less space. Follow these steps to learn how to play bumper pool.

To learn how to play bumper pool, you will need:

  • A bumper pool table
  • Cue sticks
  • Four white and red balls
  • Red ball with white dot
  • White ball with red dot
  1. Choose teams. Normally bumper pool is played with individuals or a team on one side. One versus one or two on two is common. Each side should choose the red or white balls.
  2. Set up the table. Place the marked ball (one with the dot) on the opposing hole (the white ball with red dot goes in front of red bumpers). The other four balls are placed on the same end near the back rail.
  3. Start the game with opening shot. A player from each team begins by shooting the spotted ball towards the opposing end. The ball must hit the cushion to the player's right side. The ball that goes the closest to the player's scoring hole goes first (continues shooting if ball is made).
  4. Continue alternating shots. The other team gets to shoot when a ball is not scored. The  team that makes all of their balls first wins.
  5. Common fouls. Balls are placed in original position if player fails to score the spotted ball first. Balls hit off the table are placed on the table in previous position. Finally, if the last ball is made in the opponent's scoring hole, the opponent wins the game.
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