How To Play Casino Dice Games


Finding out how to play casino dice games like Craps can be a great way to have fun while making a little money on the side. However, before you just launch into playing this risky game, you might want to know exactly how it works.

  1. First and foremost, to play dice, you must first have some casino chips. Some Casinos will take general chips, but for the most part, it is a good idea to just get chips for the exact casino that you are in. Buying chips is the most basic thing to do to even start playing dice.
  2. Once you have chips, then you can place bets. In craps, you can place your own bets on certain parts of the table, but on other areas, the dealer has to place the bets for you. If you are not sure where you can play, go to a beginners table and ask the dealer. If you don’t want to do this, just watch other players and see where they bet and where they give their chips to the dealer to bet.
  3. Roll the dice when it is your turn. Each player is given the opportunity to roll the dice at some point at the table. Though, you can decline the opportunity to roll the dice if you want, it is much more fun if you roll the dice at your turn.
  4. In craps, the wagers are placed based on the outcome of rolling two dice. So, when you are betting, you are basically betting what those dice will read once they are rolled. You are given the option to place bets on specific numbers that will turn up. For instance, you can place a bet that the dice roller will roll a “Hard Eight” or two fours. Or, you can bet on whether the numbers will fall in a specific field. For instance, you can bet if the final numbers will fall in the 2-4 fields.

These are the basic rules for playing casino Craps. Though, there are several other games that can be played only with dice in casinos, the most popular and the most common is Craps, so knowing how to play craps is the perfect start to playing some casino dice games for money. 



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