How To Play Casino War

Bound to be the simplest table game at the casino, playing Casino War can be a quick way to double your money or lose your money. If you ever played the game "I Declare War" with playing cards as a kid, then you already know the basics of Casino War. The only real difference is more cards, more players against one—the dealer—and chips are involved.

  1. Choose a spot at the table. Use your psychic senses, spidey senses, or plain old gut feelings when choosing your seat at the Casino War table, if you have a choice. It's a popular game that's guaranteed to be packed with people during busy times. Some people have a superstition about the first placement the dealer deals to. Some have it about the last placement the dealer deals to. It's really all in luck with how the cards fall. You can get a hot seat where all your cards are higher than the dealers; or a bad spot where all your cards get beat. On the next shuffle, the fates can switch around. It's a gamble.
  2. Place your bet. This is your only responsibility in this game. After your bet is placed, the swift play ensues. The dealer deals one card out to each player first then himself last. He then snatches the chips from players whose cards have a lower value than his, then doubles the bet for players whose cards have a higher value than his. Plays can go by like lightning with a seasoned dealer. Pay attention.
  3. Take advantage of chance ways to maximize your wins in one play. Aside from your bet on the main play, there is an additional spot you can wager on in hopes to match the dealer. This is when your card matches the card the dealer gives himself. If you match up when you wager, you'll receive a pay out of ten to one! If you didn't wager on the match the dealer spot and your card matches the dealers, then you'll be presented with an option to surrender half of your bet or go to war. By choosing to go to war you will have to double your bet. The dealer will lay down three cards then face up the fourth for you; then lay down three cards again and face up the fourth for himself. If your card whens in this play, your doubled wager will be quadrupled. If the dealer wins, your doubled bet is lost.
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