How to Play Center Position In Hockey

For those who would like to play this position, learning how to play center position in hockey well can allow you to play center for a team.  By identifying areas to focus on with the position, you can work on becoming a good center in hockey.  While involving basic hockey skills, there are a number of points of emphasis that an aspiring hockey center should focus on:

  1. General hockey condition is a must.  You will need to have the speed, agility, and stamina needed to play the center position in hockey.  Centers need to be able to have a high level of conditioning, which is important to work on.
  2. Puck handling and passing skills are important.  The center position in hockey is like the point guard position in basketball.  You are the leader on the ice, which means you need to be able to take care of and distribute the puck well.  These two skills are extremely important for a center in hockey.
  3. Work on shooting and other important offensive skills.  As any offensive player, you need to spend time on your slap shot, wrist shot, and offensive moves.  Don't ignore other offensive skills, such as being able to screen the goalie or knowing when to dump the puck.  These little things make a big difference in a hockey game.
  4. Be active, aggressive, and smart on defense.  As a center, you will be engaged in the fore check, which requires a degree of aggression and awareness.  Try to maintain this aggression when it is a good idea to do so.  Try to be active in your zone and in the center, disrupting the other team's flow. Play the passing lanes.



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