How To Play Chandelier Drinking Game

Having friends over for drinks can be even livelier once you learn how to play the Chandelier drinking game. The Chandelier drinking game is an easy and quick game to set up that everyone can participate in—if they can hold their liquor, that is.

To play the Chandelier drinking game, you will need:

  • A large glass
  • Beer
  • Smaller glasses
  • A table
  • A quarter
  • Players
  1. Place a large glass in the center of the playing table. This glass is a focal point of the Chandelier drinking game.
  2. Fill the large glass with beer. The larger the glass, the more inebriated players may become from drinking this glass when playing Chandeliers.
  3. Place the smaller glasses on the table. Arrange the smaller glasses in a circle around the larger drinking glass that has been placed in the center of the table.
  4. Fill the smaller drinking glasses with beer as well. Try to have a big enough table for this drinking game. There should be some space between the smaller glasses.
  5. Position the drinking game players in front of the smaller glasses on the table in a circle. These will be the Chandelier players' drinking glasses.
  6. Toss the quarter into another player's drinking glass. The player whose glass the quarter lands in must drink all the beer out of their glass and refill the glass.
  7. Pass the quarter to the next player to continue playing Chandeliers. If the quarter does not land in a glass, keep passing the quarter around the circle of drinking game players until the quarter lands in a beer glass.
  8. Upon landing the quarter in the large glass in the center, every player must chug the beer in their small drinking glasses. Finish your glass quickly to avoid having to drink the large center drinking glass. When playing the Chandelier drinking game, the last player to finish their beer and set their empty glass on the table has to drink the beer in the large center glass.
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