How To Play Controls For Battlefield Vietnam

If you just started playing “Battlefield Vietnam,” you probably need to know how to play the controls for “Battlefield Vietnam.” Of course, this game is an action-packed one, but you can’t get into the gameplay if you don’t know how to operate the game using the controls on the keyboard and mouse. If you’re ready to learn how to complete common tasks in this game, check this guide for learning to play the controls for “Battlefield Vietnam” out!

  1. The basic controls for moving around in “Battlefield Vietnam” are the “W,” “S,” “A,” and “D” keys. These keys are used to move around in the game. You can use them to move forward, backward, to the left and to the right.
  2. Use the “E” key for vehicles and ejecting. If you see a vehicle you want to enter, simply approach it and tap the “E” key to enter it. You can also use the “E” key to exit a vehicle.
  3. To play the controls for “Battlefield Vietnam,” you will also need to pay attention to your mouse. Your mouse typically controls the gun. For example, you can use the left mouse button to fire from your gun. If you’d like to zoom in using your gun, simply use your right mouse button for this. If you’re out of ammo for your gun, tap the “R” key on the keyboard to reload your weapon. The mouse wheel (if your mouse is equipped with it) can be scrolled to scroll through weapons in your load out. 
  4. To change your position in “Battlefield Vietnam” to crouching or lying prone, use these helpful keys. For example, if you’d like to begin crouching, tap the left-most “Ctrl” key. To lie prone on the ground, tap the “Z” key. These are the essential controls for “Battlefield Vietnam” to play the game and have fun while doing so!



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