How To Play Copied Wii Games

Figuring out how to play copied WII games is really hit or miss. There's no exact science to getting a copied WII game to play in the game system. You have to essentially trick the WII into recognizing and playing a copied WII game. It can get rather frustrating trying to play a copied WII game because the WII may or may not read it. If you can't get the copied WII game to work, you'll probably wonder why you didn't just purchase the real thing. Here are some techniques that show relatively good results for getting a copied WII title to play in the system.

  1. Treat The WII like a DVD player. Have you ever tried playing a burned DVD? Well, you use the same principle to play a burned DVD as you would trying to play a copied WII game. Put the copied game into the system. Listen for the scratching noise. This noise indicates that the system is attempting to read the disc. If you hear the scratching and cutting for a few moments, it means the game is being read. Good for you. You can sit down and enjoy your bootleg copy, you pirate! If not, try this. Place a real game into the system. Once the system begins to make the scratching noises, eject the real game and place the burned game into the system. Don't reset the system, just put the copied disc into the system. If you've made the transfer fast enough, the WII may begin reading the burned disc.
  2. The "On, Off" method. Turn on your WII. Place the burned copy into the system. Turn the game off. Now immediately turn it back on. See if it reads. If you hear the tell-tale scratching, then you're golden. If not, try repeating the "On/Off" step again. Remember, it's hit or miss.
  3. The "In and Out" Method. This method resembles the technique used to get burned CDs to play in an older CD player. Turn the game on. Put the copied WII game in the console. If the console isn't reading the game, then eject it and put it right back in. You're listening for the scratching sounds. If you hear them, then there's a good chance that you'll be playing the game shortly.
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