How To Play Craps In Atlantic City

When you first approach a craps table in Atlantic City, the excitement and action can be intimidating and make it appear that learning how to play craps in Atlantic City is more difficult than it really is. The key for a first time player when learning how to play craps in Atlantic City is to make it easy on himself. Play the easiest bets to understand, and then slowly progress towards the harder and more complex bets once you feel comfortable that you have been able to learn how to play craps in Atlantic City.

  1. Watch a few rounds before placing a bet when you learn to play craps in Atlantlic City. There is not a rule that you must bet as soon as you approach thecraps table. Stand back from the table a little to give those who are gambling access to the table to place their bets. Notice some of the most common bets and what seems to pay off most frequently when you are learning how to play craps in Atlantic City.
  2. Place your money in front of you on the rail of the table. The cashier at the table will give you chips to play with. Do not attempt to hand the money to the cashier. There is a specific way he must collect the money and present the chips so the camera above the table can verify you received the correct amount if a dispute arises.
  3. Make your first bet on the pass line. The pass line means that you think the roller will not roll a two, three, or twelve on his first roll of the dice. If he rolls a seven or eleven on that first roll, you win your bet immediately. If he rolls any number other than a two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve, that number becomes what is known as his point. If he rolls his point in a subsequent roll before he rolls a seven, you win your bet as well. If you bet on the don't pass line, you are wagering that he will lose and you will win your bet in that situation.
  4. Learn how to make an odds bet when you learn how to play craps in Atlantic City. An odds bet is made after a point is established. Place your chips for the odds bet behind the chips you placed on the pass line. You must make a pass or don't pass bet the roll before making an odds bet. The odds bet is called this because it is paid out at the true odds of the point being rolled. If the roller rolls her point number before rolling a seven, you win both your pass line bet and your odds bet.
  5. Watch the other bets players are making at the table. If you become friendly with some of the other players, ask them for advice on which bets to make and how they work. Once you understand those bets, try them yourself.


Be sure to tip the casino employees when you win. One tip is fine as the two or three employees share the tips. Instead of making a tip directly, you can place a bet for the employees getting them involved in the game such as saying "$5 on pass for the boys", which means that if the bet wins, that money along with the original wager is the tip.


Avoid the "field" bets which are the ones in the middle of the table until you feel comfortable that you have learned how to play craps in Atlantic City. These bets have larger house advantages than the pass/don't pass line bets and the odds bets. Keep in mind, if you make a don't pass betm you are hoping for the roller and anyone betting on the pass line to fail, and this may not make you the most popular player with the other players at the table.

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