How To Play In A Craps Tournament

If you are a skilled crapshooter, you may be wondering how to play in a craps tournament. If you feel you are good enough to compete for the big bucks, it is worth taking the gamble! Once you have perfected your craps game, playing in a tournament is a way to put your success to the test.

In order to play in a craps tournament, you will need:

  • Your lucky dice
  • Best craps game you got
  1. Select the most affordable tournament. Some craps tournaments can be very expensive to enter, depending on the prize. For someone who doesn't have tournament experience, it is best to start with a competition offering no entry fee and a low buy-in. Some casinos include accommodations with the entry fee. You will need to consider the best option before choosing which tournament to enter.
  2. Learn the rules. Every tournament can have a different set of rules. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with your tournament's rules. Some have different requirements when it comes to wagers, money, rounds, and chip view.
  3. Wager different. When playing in a tournament, you will need to make different bets than you would in a normal game against the house.
  4. Be aware. The overall goal in a craps tournament is to have the most money by a certain number of rolls. Keep an watchful eye on your competitor's chips. See how much they are winning. You may need to adjust your bets accordingly.
  5. Finish strong. In the last few rounds, your competitors will become more aggressive. Take chances, especially if you aren't in first place.
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