How to Play Defense in Soccer

Need to know how to play defense in soccer? If you want to play defense in soccer, you will have to improve your defensive abilities in order to establish a solid presence on your team. Soccer players are expected to be very defensive especially if they have to handle roles as central defenders or fullbacks. Depending on the best techniques will allow you to play defense in soccer and gain the best results. Here are some clever steps on how to play defense in soccer.

To play defense in soccer, you need:

  • Well-built body
  • Strength
  • Defensive capacity
  1. In order to play defense in soccer, you need to have the best body for handling defensive roles. Defenders need to have well-built bodies for pushing their opponents so that they can protect goalkeepers. Having a very strong body will allow you to become a potent defender. Workout to build a strong upper body.
  2. Maintain a high strength level when playing soccer as a defender. You will not be able to play defense in soccer if you don't take in the best nutrients and take excellent care of your health. Defenders need to eat healthy foods and live active lifestyles. Get plenty of sleep everyday so you can restore your body's energy to the right level to remain a fit defender.
  3. Work on your defensive ability if you want to play defense in soccer. You can become a gifted defender if you sharpen your defensive abilities. Run to elevate your speed level, improve your sliding tackles, and always remain aware when playing either trivial or serious games.
  4. Play defense in a strategic way if you want to become a finite defender. Keep your eyes on your opponents when defending in soccer. Remaining focused will allow you to chase strikers and midfielders on smooth or rough fields. Use your arms and legs to support your defensive plays when you facing difficult situations. Pull the shirts of strikers to prevent them from making runs especially if you can avoid fouls. Also, execute physical tackles to send strikers down when they aren't close to the goal area. Always run back to protect a goalkeeper after making an overlapping play especially if you aim to handle a fullback role without encountering so many problems.
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