How To Play The Don’t Come Bar In Craps

Learn to play the don't come bar in craps and you'll be betting with the house, but you're not going to make any friends with the craps shooter (the person holding the dice). Betting on the don't come bar means that you're actually betting that the shooter craps out (rolls a seven) before they make their number (the established point). However, playing the don't come bar can be a winning strategy.

Things you'll need:

  • Craps table and game pieces
  • Chips
  1. Throw down your money on the table and get casino chips. Craps is always played with casino chips, so you must trade in your money to play. You can decide how much to play with, but you should always have ten times your basic bet to back yourself up so you don't run out of money too quickly. For example, if you are betting five dollars on the don't pass bar, you should have fifty dollars in reserve.
  2. Decide on your bet. Decide on how much you want to risk on the roll coming up. Never bet more than you can afford to lose.
  3. Put your chips(s) on the don't come bar. You might hear a few grunts and groans and you even might see some admiring glances since this is a bold move.
  4. Hope that a seven or eleven doesn't come out on the first roll. If a point has not been established, you will lose your don't come bet if a seven or eleven is rolled, but if a two, three or twelve come out, you will get paid.


  • If you don't understand a bet, you can always ask one of the dealers. Try to stand as close to one as possible so you can easily engage him in conversation. Most dealers are pleasant because they're hoping for tips after you win on the don't come bar bet!
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