How To Play A DVD On Wii


Its is really handy to know how to play a DVD on Wii. Aside from playing an amazing variety of games, you can enjoy movies, music and much more. Learning how to play a DVD on Wii can transform your gaming console into a de facto entertainment system. The process is short and simple and you only need is a few minutes and you can begin to play a DVD on a Wii.


To play a DVD on a Wii, you will need:

  • Nintendo Wii

  • Nintendo Wii Wireless Controller

  • Homebrew

  • SD Card

  • DVD Movie

  • Internet access

  • Nintendo Wii Component Cables (optional)


  1. Format your SD card to FAT 16/32. After doing so, go to the Homebrew page and use the Wii controller to move the screen cursor. Read the disclaimer and follow all the instructions on the screen. The installation process should take less than a minute.

  2. After the installation, wait for your system to reboot. After rebooting, there will be a new channel on your menu page.

  3. Select the Homebrew channel. Allow the system a few seconds to scan your SD card.

  4. Install the “Hack” file. If you have a Wii that has already been modified, select “No”. Wait a few seconds for the installation process to complete itself.

  5. Insert a DVD movie into the Wii then select the Mplayer. Wait a few moments for the movie to load then enjoy watching your movie.

  6. Connect the Nintendo Wii component cables. This is an optional step to maximize the Wii's video display. The cables must be purchased separately. The resolution bump will allow you play a DVD on Wii (or play games) in 480p.

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