How To Play Field Hockey

Learning how to play field hockey can be very beneficial if you or your friends are fans of field hockey. Learning how to play field hockey consists of learning the rules and practicing the rules. Purchasing the proper equipment is another essential step in how to play field hockey. Field hockey is a great sport that can provide plenty of entertainment and physically demanding competition.

  1. Purchase equipment. Purchase the proper equipment to play field hockey. Necessary equipment includes things like protective pads, a field hockey stick and a ball to play field hockey. Shop around and find the most suitable equipment for you, though the stick is the most important. Field hockey equipment can be purchased online or at any major sporting retailer.
  2. Grip the stick. Grip the field hockey stick by the top of the stick. Place your hands on the stick one slightly lower than the other. Line your knuckles up and keep your thumbs pointing down. Reposition your hands as necessary to get a comfortable grip on the stick.
  3. Perfect the stance. Perfect the field hockey stance to play field hockey better. Spread your feet apart slightly and place your dominant foot forward. Keep both feet with the toes pointing forward. Position yourself in front of the ball and bend your knees slightly.
  4. Catch the ball. Catch the ball by bringing it to a slow and controlled stop with your field hockey stick. Place the stick parallel to the ground and drag it backwards as the ball rolls against the stick. Do not stop the ball all at once or it may roll over the stick. Bring the ball to a complete stop.
  5. Hit the ball. Line the ball up with your forward foot and move your hands closer together on the field hockey stick. Use one of the principal types of hits such as the slap-shot. Perform the slap-shot by bending down slight and slapping the ball with the flat side of your field hockey stick in a sudden forward motion. Practice hitting the ball in different manners.
  6. Adjust and practice. Adjust to the style of your gear and get a feel for it. Continue to practice field hockey and continue to play field hockey to perfect your playing.



Do not grip the field hockey stick like a golf club. Remember that they are two very different sports.

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