How To Play Filipino Mahjong

Learn how to play Filipino mahjong. Everybody loves the traditional game of mahjong, but Filipino mahjong has a little twist to the original game. Undoubtedly, playing Filipino mahjong is fun, but it has to be played correctly to get the full benefits of the amazing game. Follow these rules on how to play Filipino mahjong.

  1. Know the direction of the game. Filipino mahjong consists of two to four players, but four is recommended. The direction of the game is counter clockwise. So, once one player's turn has passed, then the next player would be the person to the left. The first person would be determined by the number on the dice thrown. Whoever gets the highest number is the person who would lead the game.
  2. Know the objective of the game. Tiles are laid face down, in eighteen stacks on the table. Flower and wind tiles should be left out of the game. They have no function in the game. Each player would own thirteen to sixteen tiles (depending on player's choice). After the players' tiles have been selected, then from then on their objective is to make four sets and a pair out of their tiles. Either they would match three matching tiles, three tiles with the same suit or four of a kind. For each turn the players have, they have permission to pull from the stacked tiles to make pairs, but only one tile at a time each turn.
  3. Determine number of rounds. Filipino mahjong cannot be played with just one round. You would have to play at least four rounds before a winner is declared. How many rounds the game can go is strictly based upon the players, but four should be the minimum. However, a winner may be declared before the set amount of rounds are completed.
  4. Determining the winner. A winner is one that has completed their four sets and pair. The first person to do that is the winner. Once someone wins, then the game should be over rather than the winner eliminated from the game.
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