How to Play First Base in Baseball

If you want to learn how to play first base in baseball, you will need to learn where to play for different in-game situations. In baseball, the first baseman controls runners at first and is the go-to guy on infield ground outs. When you play first base in baseball, you are one of the players most involved on the defensive side of the game. Follow these tips to improve your baseball skills:

  1. Position yourself correctly with no runners on base. You should play first base deep enough and off the foul line enough that you can make a play on a ground ball, but close enough to the first base bag that you can get there in time for another infielder to make a throw to you.
  2. Stand next to the first base bag to hold on a runner who is a threat to steal. You will need to be ready to receive a pick-off throw from the pitcher and make a tag. You can step off the bag and get into position to field a ball once the pitcher releases the pitch.
  3. Keep your foot on the first base bag when receiving a throw on an infield ground ball. When you play first base, you may need to stretch forward, reach up high, or scoop a throw in the dirt if the infielder makes a bad throw.
  4. Run to the first base bag and record the out yourself on a ground ball that is hit to you. If you need to throw to the pitcher covering, make a soft, underhand throw that will be easy for him to catch on the move.

When playing baseball, always be prepared to come off the bag to receive an errant throw. You can prevent the runner from taking an extra base even if you don't record the out. Follow these tips and you'll be able to play first base in baseball in no time!

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