How To Play First Base In Fastpitch Softball

Knowing how to play first base in fastpitch softball is essential if you want to help out your fastpitch softball team. The first base position involves a number of defensive responsibilities that you must be comfortable with. Take the following advice into account and soon you will know how to play first base in fastpitch softball.

  1. Know when to cover first base. When you play first base in fastpitch softball, you obviously need to cover the base in different situations. When the ball is not hit into your reach, you must cover first base. Depending on the rules, you may need to cover the base when a runner is on the base, in order to hold the runner on the base and prevent a stolen base attempt.
  2. Understand what to do in bunt situations. Bunts are not uncommon in fastpitch softball. Know your responsibility on the team in these situations. If it is up to you to play the ball if it is in your area, you will need to make this decision quickly. If you aren't making a play on the ball yourself, you will obviously need to cover first base. In some situations, it may be appropriate to cheat the corner in an expected bunt attempt. Many bunting situations will be played according to your team's strategy in such situations.
  3. Be ready defensively. Fastpitch softball is a very quick game in the infield, as the ball tends to react very quickly off of the bat. Get into position and be ready for the ball to come your way every time. React well to every situation and to the ball to do well playing first base in fastpitch softball.
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