How to Play Flip Cup

When it’s time to play flip cup, the party will get exciting, granted you know how to play flip cup. Flip cup, like any drinking game, can make the already fun activity of drinking even more fun. Not to mention the fact that they always seem to get you drunk faster. The night can get competitive because this game is fast paced and involves more individuals to play flip cup. Breaking out a game of flip cup is great for the rowdy crowd of partiers who are too impatient to set up a beer pong game. After one round of watching teams play flip cup you will be getting a team together so you can have a shot at the winner.

Things you will need to play flip cup:

  • Large plastic cups
  • Beer
  • Table

1.       The Table: The majority of people who decide to play flip cup for their party festivities will usually play the game on a ping pong table. Don’t fret if you lack such an item because most any table will suffice. If it’s long enough for at least four people to stand on each side you’ve got yourself a game worthy table. In the event there is no table in your house to play flip cup on, two saw horses and a piece of plywood about seven feet long will work just fine. Now that you have the playing surface covered, you are going to need a team.

2.       The Team: Most flip cup teams are composed of four members, but it all depends on who is running the game. Sometimes people play with teams of five or six. Once you have your team of bad news beer drinkers organized, make it clear that your team is playing the winner of the current match. Confusion over who plays the winning team may cause you to wait for the next game and your team may become frustrated as well.

3.       The Strategy: Before you hit the table it is good to know your lineup. Putting the proper skill level in the right order is the best strategy for a smooth sailing game and most likely the win. Place the third best person at the lead off position, this will ensure a good start. Having the worst flip cup player second is about the best spot for them because hopefully they will get the motivation to not stink it up for the rest of the team. Next in line will be the second best and of course the ringer will hold up the rear.

4.       The Action: The most important part about learning how to play flip cup is, obviously, the flipping of the cup. Pour each cup about half full of beer or whatever liquid you happen to be using. When the game starts, each contestant chugs their beer and places the bottom of the cup on the edge of the table with half of the bottom hanging off the edge. The player will use their finger to flip the cup until the cup lands upside-down, mouth down, on the table. Once this happens the next player goes until the anchor flips the pants off of that last cup. If your team is in the zone you will own the table all night long, or until no one feels like challenging you anymore. Then you can rub your victory in everyone’s face, if you haven’t blacked out yet.

5.       Flip Cup Variations: If you think that filling the cup half full is too easy, try filling the cup all the way to the brim. This is where your chugging skills will really be put to the test along with your tolerance for alcohol. Caution needs to be taken as this is really for the hardcore party goers. This variation may cause you to not remember the night, but what the heck you’re only in college once. If you didn’t play flip cup this way in college you missed your chance pal. And if you really feel like you are the best cup flipper in town, try challenging a whole team on your own to play flip cup. Alright hot shot, flip away!

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