How to Play Forward in Soccer

To learn how to play forward in soccer, you should first acquire and develop abilities in the five main aspects of soccer.

  1. Positioning. A good forward will be always trying to find the best location in order to share the field with his teammates, and surprise his opponent. Keeping an eye on the last defender will allow you to receive passes in open field, with more space and time to decide wether to pass, kick or center.
  2. Passing. When playing forward in soccer, you have to be able to pass the ball accurately, both to receive the ball back in open field or to assist a teammate. It is critical that your passes have the right speed. Usually the vicinity of the goal is a crowded place, and there´s not much time and space. Your passes need to be crisp.
  3. Heading. Some forward players score most of their goals heading the ball. Depending on your team´s attacking style, as a forward player you will need to be heading to the goal. But sometimes you will also have to go down to defend your own goal.
  4. Finishing. It´s a forward´s main ability, and should be performed as such. Practicing finishing with both feet will increase your chances to score goals.
  5. One-on-one dribbling. Sometimes the field can only be opened up with a dribble. Regardless of your physical characteristics, dribbling can be improved with practice, and will be a good tool to have when in need of space to pass.

In addition to that, there´s a particular sense of location and opportunity that has to be developed in order to play forward in soccer. Some other activities, such as pressing and marking will be a good complement to become a complete forward. But those activities require fitness, so that should also be a big part of your training.



"Success in Soccer Basics: Techniques and Tactics For Developing the Serious Player," by Geru Bisanz and Norbert Vieth.

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