How to Play Goalie in Soccer

If you want to make a major contribution to a team you should know how to play goalie in soccer. Knowing how to play goalie in soccer requires communication, intelligence, and quick reflexes. Here is everything you need to know about how to play goalie in soccer.

  1. Always pay attention to the game. This seems like pretty obvious advice to give on how to play goalie in soccer, but in can be harder than it sounds at times. A goalie has to remain vigilant at all times, even when the ball is on the other side of the field. You never know when somebody will blast a long range kick at you.
  2. Communicate with your defenders. If you want to know how to play goalie in soccer, it is very important to communicate with your defenders. Let them know if you see an opposing player sneaking into open space, make sure your defenders aren't screening you, and offer them encouragement. By staying vocal and communicating with your defenders, you decrease the chances of anybody even being able to get by your defense to get a shot off on goal.
  3. Cut off angles to the net. When an opposing player is in shooting position against you step out from the net a bit. A big part of learning how to play goalie in soccer is taking away angles. By stepping out of the net towards the shooter, you are taking away a lot of angles and making it much more difficult for them to shoot the ball past you.
  4. Hang onto the ball. When you block a shot try and hang onto the ball. If you block the ball and let it roll away from you it becomes much easier for an opposing player to score off of that rebound.
  5. Don't be afraid to get dirty. Knowing how to play goalie in soccer means knowing you are the last line of defense. Don't be afraid to do whatever you can to block a shot, whether that means diving onto the ground or leaping through the air. You know you have made a good save when you get up with a dirty jersey.  
  6. Do exercises to increase your explosiveness. A goalie has to be able to move very quickly, so do exercises that focus on explosiveness. These exercises include running stairs, plyometrics, and full body lifting exercises. If you follow all of these steps, you will learn how to play goalie in soccer like a champ in no time.



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